Meet the Cabinet

As a student group, Choros is changing with each year that passes. This year, the 2017-2018 academic year, our cabinet consists of…


Emily, our current president, is a senior studying public relations. She enjoys riding her bike around campus on a good day. When it’s too cold or wet for that, she huddles up in front of Netflix with a crochet project or a box of Oreos. Emily has personally interacted with several members of the LGBTQ community; she isn’t afraid to dig into the current research and get her hands dirty. She hopes to serve Choros by considering the questions of how sexuality and gender coincide and conflict with different Christians’ spiritual life and theology. To her, Choros is about nurturing a safe place for students to grapple with their faith without fear of judgment or rejection.


Jaylin, a senior, has been a part of Choros for about two years. She seeks to bridge the gap between the church and the LGBTQ community and is a great friend to the LGBTQ Christians stuck somewhere between the two.


This is Lauren’s first year with Choros. Her heart and passion for LGBTQ individuals are undeniable.